Shaheen Bagh (a boutique resort and spa)
Nature Walks/ Trekking

If you are interested in bird-watching, but are new to it

  • Have Binoculars to enjoy birds : It will help you get a big, bright, crisp pictures. Don't be tempted to buy cheap inoculars, instead have something that's good quality so that your experience is supreme.

  • Field Guide : Having a guide when you start bird watching is a great thing. Once you start seeing the birds, you would want to know more about them and this is where a guide can help you. You can buy a guide book or you can get a guide in the area to support you through the journey.

  • Bird Feeders :Want to have good look at the birds? Then we recommend that you have bird feeders of different types. This will attract a majority of birds in the natural habitat.

  • Camera : Of course, it is necessary to take a camera. Now is the time when you can take photos anytime and anywhere. So, why not use this time to get the best pictures of beautiful, gorgeous birds!

  • Records : If you are serious about birding, make sure that you prepare records. Compiling information about the birds you have seen is an excellent thing to do.

  • Connections : While bird-watching can be a relaxing solo event, a lot of people prefer going out with someone. So, find people, make groups to enjoy this activity with other likeminded people.